CASHLESS: Llanrwst’s quietest Bank Holiday Weekend?

People were left 'cashless' this bank holiday weekend following the closure of every bank in Llanrwst 'strangling the local economy and effecting the town's restaurants, pubs and bars,' according to local County Councillor Aaron Wynne.

The Plaid Cymru Councillor, who represents the Crwst Ward on Conwy Council said,
"This bank holiday weekend has shown the effects of being a bank-less town on Llanrwst's economy.

"Tourists and locals were put off from enjoying a day trip or night out to the town this weekend, as access to cash was scarce with not a single bank open or 24-hour cash-point available.

"I'm frustrated in the 4 banks, who once has branches in Llanrwst, in their decision to desert our town in order to put profits margins before customer service. Our closest banks are now in Colwyn Bay to the north and Porthmadog to the south. A vast area of rural Conwy has now no access to a bank" he said.

Cllr Wynne added, "Earlier last year Plaid Cymru in the Assembly obtained a commitment from the Welsh government's Economy Secretary, Ken Skates, that he would commission work on establishing a Public Bank in Wales.

"That report has been on his desk for more than three months. Plaid Cymru want to see an action plan published so that communities know what their government is doing to realise a genuine system of community banking.

"I feel all banking corporations could and would benefit from a more imaginative approach to a changing system, if only their corporate policies and structures would allow."

Cllr Wynne ended with "Locals and I are deeply grateful to both the local Co-op and Spar for keeping their cash-points open during their usual opening times. This is a short-term answer - both the big-banks and the Welsh government must come up with a long-term solution to rural-banking."