Housing strategy shake-up needed says Councillor

By Shane Brennan, North Wales Daily Post

Conwy has agreed a new plan to deal with its housing crisis.
Councillors voted to support the plan at yesterday's meeting of the full council.

In the county 891 households are in some sort of housing need, and one in ten of these have been waiting for more than three years. This means there is a need to build 231 affordable houses a year to meet demand.

The plan proposes to increase the supply and quality of affordable housing in Conwy. To do this it wants to see more people sharing houses, bring more empty houses into use and use private rented accommodation.

But Llanrwst County Councillor, Aaron Wynne, said there was a real need for a plan that would work in the interests of the young people of the county.

He said: "It's saddening that only 89 affordable houses were built last year.

"To meet the current demand for affordable housing in Conwy we need to build 231 houses every year, meaning that last year we built less than 1/3rd of the demand.

"It's clear that developers are running the market which is why we are seeing the development of large luxury housing that are not affordable to the people of Conwy.

"There's a genuine need to transform the housing market to ensure that the demand rules and not the profit.

"We need to work more innovatively with all stakeholders, including landowners and developers, to ensure that we have adequate and good quality housing for our residents. The current system is mostly flawed for all parties.

"If we are going to keep our young talented people in the county to work here and bring up their families here we need to revolutionise our housing strategy."