Councils should remove ‘No Ball Games’ signs and let children play

Play is an essential part of every child’s life, and it is vital for the enjoyment of childhood as well as for children’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development, according to Plaid Cymru Councillor Aaron Wynne.

Following a constructive meeting with Conwy's Cabinet member for _______, Cllr Wynne is heading a campaign for Conwy County to remove  all 'no play, no fun' signs across the county.

Cllr Wynne, who represents the Crwst ward on Conwy County Council, said; "No ball game signs are signs of boredom. Another barrier preventing young people from enjoying their childhood, from getting outside and being active.

"We are rightly trying to improve mental and physical health among young people, to tackle obesity and to make sure our children have happy and fulfilling experiences growing up. Taking steps to make them more active can be instrumental in leading that change.

"Removing ‘No Ball Games’ signs could have a similarly transformative impact – that’s why I am leading a campaign to call on all councils to do just that.

"It’s time councils ended their No Fun policies, recognised the importance of play for children’s development, tore down No Ball Games signs across the country and let kids enjoy themselves."