Llanrwst's last bank shuts its doors 'a disgrace' says local Councillor

Barclays has announced its Llanrwst branch is to close, leaving Llanrwst with no banks after the new year. A move labeled a 'disgrace' by local County Councillor Aaron Wynne.
The news comes less than 6 months after HSBC closed its branch in the town.

Plaid Cymru Councillor Aaron Wynne, who represents the Crwst Ward on Conwy Council said,
“I’m bitterly disappointed that Barclays has decided to close their branch in Llanrwst, leaving the town without a bank.

"I'm frustrated in the 4 banks, who once has branches in Llanrwst, in their decision to desert our town and put profits margins before customer service. Our closest banks are now in Colwyn Bay to the north and Porthmadog to the south. A vast area of rural Conwy has now no access to a bank.

"Conwy is home to the largest population of retirees in north Wales. The high-street banks must recognise that not all of its customers have reliable access to the internet or have the confidence to use online banking - which is only available in English. It's clear the big banks do not understand the banking needs of rural communities in Wales such as Llanrwst.

"Farmers and business such as Blas ar Fwyd and Bys a Bawd and new ventures such as ZipWorld and SurfSnowdonia and many more businesses across rural Conwy, who employ hundreds of local people between them, are set to lose out because of today's news."