Businesses need urgent government financial care package

The UK and Welsh Governments need to pump money into the hospitality sector to save businesses and jobs a leading councillor has said.

Cllr Aaron Wynne argued that an Irish style rescue package needs to be rolled out for the industry.

Earlier this week the Irish government announced plans for a 4.5% VAT cut for the hospitality sector as well as waiving business rates for the rest of this year and all of 2021.

The package in Ireland will see €336 million of tax cuts, compensation for closures and cash grants to save the struggling industry.

Plaid Cymru’s candidate for Aberconwy in next year’s Welsh elections Cllr Aaron Wynne said:

"Ireland has shown what a small country can do, there they have provided massive practical support to save their hospitality industry. This includes slashing the rates of VAT, direct payments to struggling businesses and waiving business rates for the industry, something the Welsh Government could easily do.

“If the Irish can do it, why can't Wales and the United Kingdom?

"Businesses across Conwy are in need of help, they are facing up to a disaster for the whole region. Without action now we will see business closures and job losses on an unprecedented scale. We've had plenty of nice words from the Conservative council but what is the leadership of Conwy doing to help? What pressure are they putting on their colleagues in London.”

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