Councillors 'should not get a pay-rise'

Llanrwst councillor Aaron Wynne is unhappy about receiving any pay-rise at all in the face of public sector pay freezes.

Conwy Councillors are set to get a £350-a-year (2.5 per cent) pay-rise in 2020.

Llanrwst Councillor Aaron Wynne says he we refuse his pay-rise again this year.

Aaron Wynne said: “Why should Councillors enjoy a pay–rise when the rest of the public sector has a pay-cap?

“The economic fallout that will ensue from the Coronavirus pandemic will be devastating with thousands set to lose their jobs.

“This is not the time to reward ourselves with a pay rise.

“Since joining Conwy council in 2017 I have refused the pay increase, except for last year, when I accepted the pay-rise in order to donate it to Llanrwst United Football Club, after they suffered extensive damage from flooding.”

While individual members can opt to forego the increase, the allowances are set by the panel and independent of the council, which cannot refuse, vary or alter the decision.

Senior salaries were not increased but all members, including leader Sam Rowlands, his deputy and all committee chairs receive the £350 rise to the basic element of their salaries.

It means the 2020-2021 rates of pay for Conwy’s county councillors are:

All members: £14,218

Leader: £49,450

Deputy Leader: £34,950

Cabinet Member: £30,450

Committee Chair/Opposition Leader: £22,918

Group Leader: £17,918

Civic Leader (chair of council): £22,918

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