Petition: Keep supermarkets safe

Over the last couple of weeks, I've visited various supermarkets in Conwy, and what I saw was very worrying. There were no attempts to limit the number of people going into the stores and there appeared to be no effort to ensure that shoppers stayed two metres apart.

In fact the shops were so busy it was impossible for shoppers to keep to the rules. It was so busy it was like Christmas shopping. And now locals are afraid to go shopping particularly on the weekend when it gets incredibly busy.

I've written a letter to the heads of all major supermarkets in Conwy, asking them to redouble their efforts to implement social distancing rules in their stores to keep all shoppers safe.

So many businesses including the supermarkets did great work in following the rules and making sure people could shop safely during the lockdown. It would be a shame to see any of that good work undone by a failure to strictly follow the rules.

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