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Dear Mark Drakeford,

In the words of UK Labour Leader, Keir Starmer, “across the last twenty-four hours, we have heard heart-breaking stories and the scale of the injustice caused by the fatally flawed results system has become clear. Young people right across the country, in every town and city, feel let down and betrayed.”

His views have been echoed by the interim leader of the Liberal Democrats, Ed Davey who said that the system has led to “some utterly unfair outcomes.”

Both were referencing the downgrading of results in England where 40% of A level results were lower than predicted.

In Wales, 42% of results were downgraded, leaving pupils angry that they have suffered at the hands of a flawed system.

If the criticism from your parties in England is to mean anything other than political game-playing, you and the Education Minister must now reassess your approach as a Welsh Government to ensure that no pupil is disadvantaged in what has already been an anxious year.

Pupils who were awarded lesser grades than the teacher assessments in A level and AS exams should be upgraded to the teacher assessment grades.

Further, this should be used as the mechanism for awarding GSCE results and this should be communicated to learners today for peace of mind.

In these extraordinary times, we must be ready to respond with unprecedented action in the interest of fairness and pupil welfare.

I am copying this to the Education Minister and to your UK Party leaders who have made these comments.

Yours sincerely,

Aaron Wynne


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  • Denise Clarke
    signed 2020-08-17 17:51:27 +0100
  • Joseph Brett
    signed 2020-08-17 15:38:57 +0100
  • Shan Ashton
    signed 2020-08-17 14:26:32 +0100
  • Elin Davies
    signed 2020-08-17 14:20:02 +0100
  • Freya Thornton
    signed 2020-08-17 12:35:52 +0100
  • Alice Dyson
    signed 2020-08-17 11:28:05 +0100
  • Megan Murphy
    signed 2020-08-17 10:59:45 +0100
  • Rowena Hughes-Jones
    signed 2020-08-17 09:42:03 +0100
  • Chloe Elliott
    signed 2020-08-17 08:41:46 +0100
  • Steve Heaney
    signed 2020-08-16 21:54:49 +0100
  • Debbie Kennedy
    signed 2020-08-16 20:46:19 +0100
  • Angela Trafford
    signed 2020-08-16 20:26:44 +0100
  • Ruth Bitowski
    signed 2020-08-16 20:08:11 +0100
  • Tirion Roberts
    signed 2020-08-16 20:00:01 +0100
  • Beth Walker
    signed 2020-08-16 18:02:44 +0100
  • Paige Hexley
    signed 2020-08-16 17:53:03 +0100
  • Kayleigh Bonner
    signed 2020-08-16 16:24:49 +0100
  • Fiona Rennie
    signed 2020-08-16 15:41:28 +0100
  • Angela Prickett
    signed 2020-08-16 15:35:10 +0100
  • Deborah Lester-Owen
    signed 2020-08-16 14:54:54 +0100
    This is such a hard time as it is for the kids but to have their grades dropped is disgusting
  • Susan Richards
    signed 2020-08-16 14:50:18 +0100
  • Lisa Williams
    signed 2020-08-16 14:43:03 +0100
  • Mike Murray
    signed 2020-08-16 14:29:55 +0100
  • Iola Jones
    signed 2020-08-16 14:25:03 +0100
  • Jean Mottershead
    signed 2020-08-16 13:05:46 +0100
  • Sophie Climpson
    signed 2020-08-16 13:00:15 +0100
  • Penny Thompson
    signed 2020-08-16 12:02:43 +0100
    How many more a level students have to end up in A&E departments ,after attempting suicide because of these downgrades ,these are individuals not statistics !
  • Gunilla George
    signed 2020-08-16 11:35:27 +0100
  • Lee Green
    signed 2020-08-16 11:23:13 +0100
  • Dawn Roberts
    signed 2020-08-16 10:27:53 +0100
    My son was given coincidentally or conveniently his AS grades which he knew he had messed up & was going to resit all papers this summer. His teacher assessed grades which were actually based on his work & test papers were two grades higher. This downgrading caused him to lose his Russell Group choice and his faith in the system as we had assured him that he would do ok . The Welsh Government need to put this right now. Waiting for appeals may be too late for our young people. Also one would think that in the current climate with no jobs or prospects that getting as many students into university to improve their chances would be a higher priority than worrying that the old bell curve would show anomalies in what is -as we keep being told – unprecedented times.

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