Plaid Cymru hopeful seeking to be 'baby of the house'

A Plaid Cymru councillor aims to become Wales' youngest Member of the Welsh Parliament at the 2021 elections.

In 2017 Aaron Wynne was elected to represent his hometown, Llanrwst, on Conwy county Council becoming Wales' youngest councillor.

The now 23-year-old seeks to win the Aberconwy constituency from the Tories for Plaid Cymru. The incumbent Tory Senedd Member only commands a majority of 750 votes.

If successful, Aaron could become the youngest Member of the Senedd and steal the "baby of the House" title from its current holder, Labour MS Jack Sargeant who is 26.

Plaid Cymru has previously represented Aberconwy, the now Tory-held seat, in the Senedd.

The constituency is currently represented by Janet Finch-Saunders, who has served the area since winning in 2011. She now only has a slim majority of 750 votes to Plaid Cymru.

Aaron Wynne said:
"The people of Aberconwy are currently facing a housing crisis, a shortage in school funding and a dysfunctional north Wales health board. We need new, bold and radical ideas to fix these broken systems.

“Wales' parliament needs members with a broad range of age and experience. The next parliament will need to deal with the economic uncertainty that will ensue from the current coronavirus pandemic. Only through hard work can we ensure that the needs of all parts of Wales - not just Cardiff - are met."

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