Parents and schools 'still in limbo' over school transport in Conwy

With just over a week to go Conwy parents have been left in the dark about how their children will get to school.

Schools in the county are due to reopen on Thursday, September 3, but the council has still not made any decisions about how school bussing will be run in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Worried parents have been contacting Llanrwst county councillor, Aaron Wynne, saying they have been left in the dark about how their children can get to school safely.

He is worried that no plans have been set to have extra busses to allow for social distancing and no guidance has been given on the wearing of masks on school transport.

Cllr Wynne who is Plaid Cymru’s candidate for Aberconwy in the 2021 Welsh elections said: “Conwy Council shouldn’t delay making a decision about school transport as parents and schools need to plan for their safe return.

“All pupils over the age of 11 should wear a facemask on school transport to keep them safe as they cannot social distance.

“We need to take all precautions to keep pupils and teachers safe so we can stifle a second wave and not scupper our learners’ education.”​








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