How will you vote at the next election?

Who's pledging

Carwyn Evans
Morgan Dafydd
Michael Roberts
Dawn Williams
Wayne Santorini
Rebecca Curle
Morgan Dafydd
Michael Corcoran
Catherine Morris
Sion Aled
Sion Aled
Leah Hamilton
Patricia Williams
Heledd Roberts
Arwyn Jones
Sandra Holmes
Lewis Jones
Michael Roberts
Michael Corcoran
Ann Owen
Shan Ashton
Rhian Davey Jones
Yes I support Aaron Wynne - Aberconwy.
I might support Aaron Wynne - Aberconwy.
No I do not support Aaron Wynne - Aberconwy.

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Plaid Cymru and Aaron Wynne are within 750 votes of beating the Tories and winning Aberconwy. Join the campaign below: