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The next few weeks could be difficult if the Covid-19 virus situation intensifies.

We know that our local health services are already stretched. We also know that the virus can spread quickly.

We all need to ensure we look out for the most vulnerable in our communities, especially older people.

We need to be organised. We may not be able to rely on public services - health services and social services may not be able to keep an eye on everyone.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could have at least one person in every street throughout Conwy county finding out who is most at risk and gathering their phone numbers to keep in touch? Whether people are ill or not, lots of older people are going to sensibly choose to spend much more time at home. While some of us can order supplies online, many older people are not online. If we don’t do something, how will these people get food and other basics?

If you are able to find out who needs support in your street, can regularly check up on them and get essential supplies for them, then please click here to register as a community volunteer.

- Coordinated by Llanrwst Councillor Aaron Wynne and his team.

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